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Firm Foundation FAITH ACADEMY

Our programs offer a good learning foundation that meets the needs of the whole child and lays the building blocks for future reference. Our learning objectives include language, math, social skills, Spanish, science, music, art, physical education and outdoor fun.

Our purpose is not to impose any particular denomination’s doctrine on your child, but to simply teach each student to make righteous discernments and decisions. We believe that our students will impact this nation, because they will be trained and inspired by the very best. Our faculty and staff are born-again, spirit-filled Christians prepared and equipped to take the ministry of Jesus to the ends of the earth. They are dedicated to train, educate, tutor and point our students toward God.

Anything extraordinary starts as a single idea. And that's exactly how our story begins. Firm Foundation was built from a dream to create a place where people could reach their educational goals. Firm Foundation Is More Than A Preschool. We Offer Programs For Infants As Young As 3 Months Old In Our Year-Round Infant Center, Up To Kindergarten With Faith Academy. We Also Have An After School Program For Elementary Students, And An Exciting Summer Program For Ages 3-12 — that's what inspired us to become what we are today.

Ever since we were founded in 1999, we've had a reputation for excellence. Located in Temple Hills and Maryland, we’ve become a top spot for people in our area. Our team of the Art Schools industry’s top professionals are ready to guide you along your educational journey. When it comes to Effective Teaching Method And Programs For Pre-School And Infant Students, we're experts. We value Service and Trust above anything else.

If you're in Temple Hills and Maryland, stop by and give us the opportunity to impress you. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help. We look forward to partnering with you.